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Born Elijah Poole in 1897, he was given the name "Muhammad" by his Spiritual Leader, Master Fard Muhammad, and promoted to the title of Supreme Minister.

Mr. Muhammad quickly became an integral part of the Temple of Islam for the next three and one-half years. 

In addition to establishing religious centers of worship, Mr. Muhammad began to open businesses under the aegis of economic development that focuses on buying and selling between and among Black companies. Mr. Muhammad established a newspaper, “The Final Call to Islam,” in 1934. This would be the first of many publications he would produce.  In 1973, he published the first volume of the historic book, "How to Eat to Live".

Meanwhile, Mr. Muhammad helped establish schools for the proper education of his children and the community. 

The Inspiration

The Honorable 

Elijah Muhammad

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Messenger of Allah


Elijah McDonald, the father of 7, was always known for his entrepreneurial tenacity. His business savvy always kept him developing and growing new business opportunities for himself and his family, while providing jobs for the people of the community.

He, along with his children, could be found going door to door selling subscriptions to the well known black-owend publication, "The Pittsburg Courier", (The first newspaper to publish the writings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad).

Mr. McDonald owned and operated several private business including a pool hall and night club, as well as the ever popular and frequented, "Huddle Barbeque", unarguably, the best Bar B.Q. in Fort Wayne history; featuring his signature Huddle Bar B.Q. Sauce. 

Elijah (Flute) McDonald


        My Grandfather

The Mission and Purpose

A culinary renaissance and an elite customer service experience.  To inspire a renewed value of food consumption and to promote well-being and a healthier community.


A fine dining family restaurant experience

  Founder/Head Chef

Kevin Jamal Muhammad

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